Fan Content Policy

Last Updated: January 31, 2024

You want to use or share content from an Eidos-Montreal game? Fantastic! Eidos-Montreal is truly honored when fans are personally invested in our work. All we ask is that you read and abide by the guidelines and other terms in this Fan Content Policy (the “Policy”).

1.Which Games Does This Policy Apply To?

This Policy applies only to Eidos-Montreal Material (as defined below) in or related to (a) games published by Eidos-Montreal or (b) games that expressly incorporate this Policy (collectively, the “Eidos-Montreal Game(s)”). To be clear, this Policy does not apply to games published by Eidos-Montreal’s affiliates (such as Crystal Dynamics or other companies within the Embracer Group) or by other third parties unless those games expressly incorporate this Policy.

2.What is Fan Content?

Fan Content” is content or objects (such as (but not limited) artwork, photographs, videos, or sculptures) that you create and that is based on or incorporates Eidos-Montreal Material.

3.What is Eidos-Montreal Material?

Eidos-Montreal Material” is copyrighted or other content in or related to a Eidos-Montreal Game. Copyrighted content generally includes things like text, images, videos, source and object code, characters, gameplay, plots, locations, histories, and other audiovisual content.

4.What are the Guidelines for Fan Content?

Please abide by the following guidelines when creating, distributing, or otherwise using Fan Content:

  • No Commercial Use: Do not use Eidos-Montreal Materials or Fan Content to make money or gain material benefit for yourself or others. This means, among other things, that you can’t sell Eidos-Montreal Materials or Fan Content (including fan-made merchandise) and that you can’t use Eidos-Montreal Materials or Fan Content to help sell other products or services. Similarly, you can’t require payment to view or access Eidos-Montreal Materials or Fan Content (e.g., no paywalls).

    Create away – but no selling your content for profit, please!

    There is, however, an exception for monetizing videos and websites. For Fan Content videos, as long as your videos are not paywalled, you’re welcome to monetize your content via advertising through platform-operated programs on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and other similar services, at our sole discretion. In the same vein, you may run ads on your personal website that showcases your sweet Fan Content.


  • Only Eidos-Montreal-Owned Content: Some Eidos-Montreal Games contain content that Eidos-Montreal doesn’t own. You’ll often be able to recognize this—for example, Eidos-Montreal didn’t own the Marvel characters in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy© —but we understand it won’t always be clear. If you include non-Eidos-Montreal content in your Fan Content (even if it was in the original Eidos-Montreal Game), your Fan Content could be subject to takedown notices by the owner of the original work. Since we cannot grant you a license to use someone else’s content, you’ll need to get permission from the copyright owner(s) before using their content. Try to be mindful of who owns the intellectual property (copyright, etc.) your work is inspired by, and know that you’re subject to their fan content policies as well.


  • Attribution: If you use Eidos-Montreal Materials, you must clearly display or mention the following disclaimer on or near your Fan Content including, without limitation, any web page containing or displaying your Fan Content:“Some portions of the materials used are trademarks and/or copyrighted works pertaining to Eidos Montreal. All rights reserved by Eidos Montreal. The material is not official and is not endorsed by Eidos Montreal”

    This helps protect us legally and it’s also nice to give credit to the creators. If the Eidos-Montreal Materials include any credits or legal lines, do not remove or alter them.There’s no limit to the incredible projects our community has spearheaded in the past. It could be easy for some folks to misinterpret some of your massive projects as official Eidos-Montreal content, so make sure when sharing your Fan Content online you disclaim that it’s an “unofficial” or “non-sponsored” project.


  • Logos/Trademarks : If you use Eidos Montreal logos, character names, brands, game titles (“Marks”) with or in connection with your Fan Content, the following rules must be applied:
    • Marks must be used only in connection with Eidos Montreal Materials or business it represents;
    • Do not use Marks to identify or promote you, your Fan Content, or any other products or business;
    • Marks must be used in a manner that will enhance and not damage the reputation and goodwill associated with Eidos Montreal.
    • Do not use any Marks in the name of a website;
    • Do not register or use any domain name that is confusingly similar to Eidos Montreal domain names;
    • Do not alter any Marks (this includes the colors of a Mark or its design and appearance;


  • No Unreleased Content: You must not post or distribute unreleased content from a Eidos-Montreal Game, especially prior to the official release of the game. This includes leaked content, content released in advance of an embargo or release date, or content otherwise obtained without Eidos-Montreal’s permission. Eidos-Montreal treats pre-release leaks very seriously; you may receive a copyright “strike” or suffer other consequences if you violate this guideline.If unreleased content ever makes it online in advance of an embargo or release date, please do not create Fan Content around the material.


  • Spoilers: Spoilers are no fun, and they can really ruin a player’s game experience. We ask that you please be considerate when posting content (including Fan Content) that may contain spoilers. Most platforms have tools that let you mark your content as spoiler-y, and we encourage you to take advantage of those features.


  • No Unauthorized Use or Copying: This Policy is an informal guideline, but you still have to follow the formal terms of our software licenses and other agreements (including the Terms of Service at This means, among other things, that you cannot copy, reverse engineer, distribute, or do anything else with game software that would breach the applicable license or agreement.


  • No Cheating, Hacking, Exploits, or Piracy: Your Fan Content may not appear on, link to, describe, or otherwise promote (i) cheats, hacks, or other exploits or (ii) piracy.


  • Fansites: You may create and/or run community websites and other fan pages but do not use the name of Eidos-Montreal, Eidos-Montreal’s trademarks/logos, our game titles, or anything similar in your domain names, usernames, or URLs. Any references you make to Eidos-Montreal’s games or brands, such as Deus Ex, must also include additional terms stating it is not affiliated with Eidos-Montreal, such as ‘Unofficial’ or ‘Fan Page’, etc.


  • Don’t Be Offensive: Celebrating our differences is at the core of who we are as a studio, so we have a zero-tolerance policy for any Fan Content that could appear to be offensive, obscene, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, hateful, harassing, defamatory, deceptive, derogatory, controversial, or otherwise inappropriate or illegal in our opinion. Don’t use Eidos-Montreal Materials in a manner that may damage Eidos-Montreal or its products or brands.


  • Additional or Updated Guidelines: This is a living policy, and we might update it from time to time! Individual Eidos-Montreal Games may be subject to different or additional guidelines (such guidelines could be provided in the game itself, on the game’s website, or in another publicly accessible location); if so, please abide by those guidelines. If Eidos-Montreal issues you individualized written guidelines, you must abide by those guidelines. We might update these guidelines from time to time; check this Policy regularly to review any changes.

Violation of these guidelines is the most common reason we might object to your use of Eidos-Montreal Material, but this list is not exhaustive. Please use common sense and act responsibly.

Since every situation is different, Eidos-Montreal reserves the right to object to any use of Eidos-Montreal Material (or its affiliates) may submit takedown requests to third parties hosting any such content. If Eidos-Montreal requests that you take down or delete a piece of Fan Content, you must promptly do so. Eidos-Montreal reserves the right to take legal action against you for misuse of Eidos-Montreal Material.

5.Ownership of Eidos-Montreal Content

As between you and Eidos-Montreal, all content from and related to the Eidos-Montreal Games (including the Eidos-Montreal Material) is and will be owned by Eidos-Montreal or its affiliates. This Policy does not grant you any proprietary rights in any Eidos-Montreal Material. Your use of the Eidos-Montreal Material is at your own risk; Eidos-Montreal does not offer any warranties.

6.Use of Your Fan Content

By making Fan Content, you agree to let Eidos-Montreal share and use your Fan Content without compensation. Eidos-Montreal might ask your permission before sharing any of your Fan Content.

Finally, please note that we can’t address individual requests for clearance or questions, so please feel free to share this link with anyone requesting details about our policy.

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